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We use the newest technology in fillings allowing us to provide your smile without the unsightly remnants of foreign metals in your mouth.

What are Tooth Fillings?

When small amounts of decay occur on the tooth, it wears away causing holes or dents in the teeth. Dentists call these holes cavities. These cavities can be places where food gets caught and then cause further decay. Fillings are designed to fill the holes in teeth so that further decay will not happen.

In times past this was done using metal which was easily moulded and was long lasting.

How are Tooth-Coloured Fillings Different?

New technologies are now available to make fillings the same colour as your teeth, allowing you to continue smiling with confidence. These fillings use synthetic resins to fill the cavities, leaving your teeth looking as they originally were.

How Long do fillings Last?

The older metallic fillings typically last around 15 years. Tooth coloured fillings last approx 10years but in some cases can last longer.


You may experience sensitivity to hot and cold following placement of the material, however, this will subside as the tooth heals and becomes accustomed to the filling.


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